My Thoughts: Bird Flu...Yeah Right!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bird Flu...Yeah Right!

In this alert I received, (see link above) it is stated that tests of live Avain Bird virus are going to be implemented intra-nasally, beginning in April 2006. I cannot understand how the deaths of 70 persons world-wide can spawn the terror of a possible Pandemic of Avian Flu...Unless this Pandemic is man-made! In that case, Martial Law will be implemented, according to our President G. W. Bush, and the people of America will be forcibly quarantined and vaccinated with unproved vaccines without legal recourse. This is madness! In all my life, I have never heard any President or other American Leader mention the desire to quarantine the American people and initiate Martial Law in the process! It is like a scene straight out of Outbreak!


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