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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Thoughts

Ohhhh, I am boiling! I just read where the GOP voted to decrease spending for Student Loans, Medicaid and Medicare and Cheney's vote was the deciding factor in favor of the cuts! Sigh...One step forward, twenty steps back, it seems! The vote to continue the illegal spying on American citizens seems to have been pushed through by Cheney, also. One wonders if the man is really human, after all? In my reading, I have learned that he was behind much of the corruption in the 70's with then President Nixon! Him and Rumsfeld, both. Wow...What a coincidence...NOT! Cheney states that he feels the President should have more executive power, which was "taken away" during the 70's era...Most likely due to the same criminal activities going on now! Running rampant and unchecked!!
I am no longer posting on the AOL boards, either. They are biased and do NOT support the freedom of speech which is one of our inalienable rights, under the "Goddamned Piece of Paper" Constitution of the United States!
Yup, I am angry today!! And, in posting my Blog with pictures intact, they sure won't have to look far for me, will they? LOL


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