My Thoughts: Even MORE on chemtrails

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Even MORE on chemtrails

I have written often on the subject of Chemtrails.
Here is a vast amount of Truth~~linking HAARP and DARPA to the formation of these foul and evil "clouds" in our skies, which are slowly and miserably killing us all, for their evil agenda.
I am really beginning to believe in this Alien Agenda.
Hell, with all I have seen and experienced, my entire life, why wouldn't I?
The other link had been disabled, so here is a different site. (Link, above)
I have been correspondig with the Creator of this site, and I concur on one issue in particular:
'The other side is so very organised. Why can we not do the same?' Not a verbatim quote, but it sums it up pretty well
I know why: Most people are still in such DENIAL! Which ain't a river in Egypt, people.
Yes, I am often harsh on my blog. But I am so tired of screaming into the wind!
If we don't begin to organise and fight the inertia that is steadily building on the "other side"...our 'enemies', then we don't have much of a chance.
I have never in my life felt such abject fear and hopelessness at times.
Other times, I choose to believe that good wins out in the end.
Naive? Maybe. But without some hope, we are already as good as gone.



Blogger nyacking said...

thank you for your bravery. please continue speaking out. let everyone know that we are not afraid to talk and to express what is wrong with this country. please don't stop. keep blogging.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Jewels1 said...

It appears that Blogspot has disabled my link. I really need to get my arse in gear and finish transferring all my blogspot info to my Wordpress blog.


Addendum: I will see if I can rediscover the link, and place it in the body of the message. J.G.

8:07 AM  

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