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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Codex is coming...
And we all MUST be aware and fight it!

NSF SPIN: I am re-thinking, once again, the hype and spin put on the coming Codex Laws that are being pushed into existence. Mr. John Hamell, someone whom I have briefly had an on-line discourse with, who also "introduced me" to Brice Taylor AKA Susan Ford~a fellow MC survivor who's horrors and torture went far past my own experiences~is someone who's opinion I respect. He has been studying and fighting the enactment of Codex Harmonization Laws that would restrict Dietary supplements and Naturopathic and Holistic, et. al, modalities, for quite some time.
He states in the periodic e-mails that he sends out- most especially in his most recent-that this panic-button-trigger type message sent out From the NSF (see link at top of post-Natural Solutions Foundation) was simply hype to cover up the REAL issue. I will include a link to his message if I can. Or, simply provide his Org's e-mail address and you may be added to the list. He knows his stuff, and has claimed in the past that NSF is merely another Disinfo Campaign to obscure the Truth. Or, at the very least, are being used in this way. surprising would THAT be?

Contact John at to be added to his listing, or for more information.

How easily we may all succumb to panic at this juncture.



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