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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

HOW could ANYONE have ever been FOOLED by this BUFFOON!!!

Hughes for America

Our dumb president

By Joseph Hughes bio

You know, every time the president's intelligence comes up for debate, the right wing is quick to tell everyone that, in fact, President Bush isn't an ignorant moron. What's more, not only is he not an ignorant moron, but he's also not an arrogant boor, his behavior on the world stage not a cause for embarrassment. He's a Yale man, after all, with a Harvard MBA to boot! Well today, I'm calling "bullshit" on the right wing. The president is all of those things ... and more.

The ignorance, the boorishness, the embarrassing behavior were all on display at this year's G8 Summit, which concluded Monday. Between the president's stuffing a roll in his mouth to his use of "shit" in an exchange with Tony Blair to his witless banter with world leaders to his more-than-awkward surprise "massage" of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, our dumb president has never been dumber or more embarrassing. Or, for that matter, more AWOL when the world needs our leadership most. But that's alright, his defenders will say, he's just being himself, being authentic. Great. Our president is an authentic jackass.

It was the "shit" heard 'round the world. In fact, it drew top billing with many news outlets at a time when the world appears to be unravelling as we speak. Bush, who, like Blair, didn't know their conversation was being recorded, called the British prime minister over at the luncheon that closed the summit. "Blair," Bush asked, "what are you doing? You leaving?" When Blair shifted the conversation to trade negotiations, Bush shifted it back, thanking Blair for a sweater he gave the president as a gift, most likely for his recent birthday. Then, the conversation shifted to the Middle East. After a brief exchange, and while continuing to talk with his mouth full of what appeared to be a roll, the president said, "See, the irony is what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit, and it's over."

While using profanity and speaking with your mouth full are by no means nothing new - just ask my girlfriend, who could tell you both have been a part of my daily repertoire for years - I'm not the president. I'm not this nation's top ambassador to the rest of the planet. I'm not the public face of the United States of America. I'm just an average American and a blogger. I write things about people ranging from morons like Brad Stine and Ann Coulter to role models like Edward R. Murrow and Al Gore. I don't have my finger on the nuclear (or the "nucular") trigger. I don't travel in Air Force One, nor do I have a Secret Service detail. And I don't attend summits where I'm expected to, at the bare minimum, act like I've been there before. But Bush is all of these things; I'd just love to be able to dress him up and take him out without him embarrassing himself - or us.

So the president said "shit" and couldn't hold a conversation without stuffing his face. We've all done it. But what's as concerning to me, if not more, was the manner by which the president spoke with his fellow world leaders in an unguarded moment caught on tape. Hint: Like an idiot. When asked by someone, most likely an aide, something about whether or not the president wanted a prepared statement to close the meeting, Bush replied, "No. Just gonna make it up. I'm not going to talk too damn long like the rest of them. Some of these guys talk too long." Then, the president shifted his conversation to, quite likely though the exchange wasn't on camera, Chinese President Hu Jintao. "Gotta go home," Bush said. "Got something to do tonight. Go to the airport, get on the airplane and go home. How about you? Where are you going? Home?" Continuing, Bush added, "This is your neighborhood. It doesn't take you long to get home. How long does it take you to get home?"

Though the reply was inaudible, Bush then said, "Eight hours? Me too. Russia's a big country and you're a big country." As the Washington Post indicates, it's at this point that the president apparently brought someone else into the exchange. "It takes him eight hours to fly home," Bush said, telling a server that he wanted a Diet Coke. "It takes him eight hours to fly home. Eight hours. Russia's big and so is China." Russia's big and so is China? Just gonna make it up? Is he, as Cenk Uygur said, a third grader? Do you feel a lot safer knowing that you voted for a man whose idea of tableside conversation is asking world leaders how long their ride home is and marveling at the size of their countries?

When he wasn't showing his grasp of global geography, the president was busy doing things that would normally trigger a workplace sexual harassment workshop. Cameras captured the president walking behind Merkel and giving her an impromptu shoulder massage. Her look, which mirrors the look of any unsuspecting female in a bar when a drunk gets touchy-feely, was priceless. Bush's look, coincidentally, matched the look of that drunk. I mean, what the fuck? Somehow, I don't see former presidents Bush or Clinton doing this with Helmut Kohl. Nor, also, do I see either Bush or Clinton asking their secretary of state for permission to use the restroom, as this president has in the past. But a massage? Seriously? I know these summits can be tiring, tedious affairs, but does that fact warrant our president acting like the office letch? I doubt it.

Let's face facts: Our president is dumb. He doesn't know what he's talking about. He doesn't know how to act in public. And it's always been that way. It's been more than 70 years since "... the only thing we have to fear is fear itself". More than 40 since "... ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." And, in that time, we've gone from the measured words of true statesmen to "Russia's big and so is China." Let me be the latest to ask: What the hell happened? When did flipping pancakes, taking hunting trips or throwing a football become more important for our presidential candidates than knowing what the hell they were doing? More specifically, when did we, as Americans, decide that that was what we wanted out of our presidents?

I'd sure like to know, because, as I've said before, "Isn't it a tad insane that we care more about whether we can have a beer with our president than whether we think he can save us from a fucking disaster or actually knows the difference between his asshole and a hole in the ground when it comes to foreign policy?" Who cares if the president would be a great guy to have a drink with? Hell, this one isn't even supposed to have a drink. Or, maybe he's not supposed to but he has, which would go a long way to explaining Bush's behavior at the G8 Summit. Either way, he was an embarrassment. And he always has been.

Hughes for America

Friday, July 21, 2006

Immigration Gumballs

This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or a Congressman. This clip from the longer video, Immigration by the Numbers, features Roy Beck demonstrating the catastrophe of the huge numbers of both legal and illegal immigration by Third World people into the modern nations. He uses standard statistics and simple gumballs to show this disaster in the making.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Tiffany Chavez said...
By your attitude of the July 2nd and July 5th posts... why are YOU still here in America?

5:54 PM

Jewels1 said...
Get the fuck off my blog, you cowardly bitch!!! If ya can't even allow someone to respond to your hit and run trolling, you don't need to be on my friggin blog!!! Capeesh?

6:09 PM

Jewels1 said...
OK, yesterday was a REALLY BAD DAY! The day before was a REALLY BAD DAY. I over-reacted...sorry.

Now, in regards to this hit and run poster, my answer is: I am hoping to help turn this "New" America back into the "Old America" The one where people stood together, where the President wasn't a total maniac/freak of nature, along with his sick Cabinet and GOP! The one where we KNEW politics was dirty, but it still didn't affect us in any real profound sense of the word, like it is now. The one where the Constitution of the United States was MORE than just a "GODDAMN PIECE OF PAPER!" Where the President was a representative of the Free World, NOT a Kindergarten Playground e.g. "I'm the President! Do it MY way!" An infantile, alcoholic, spoiled, mentally and verbally challenged idiot who is DESTROYING the Free World!! The one who strutted around like a little banty rooster after the Government-sponsored terrorism of 9/11 and acted like "Cock of the Walk!" Speaking of cock, his stuffed jumpsuit might have turned on a couple of grizzled old ladies somewhere, but I, for one (of millions) was NOT IMPRESSED! The President's shlong will not lead a Country! He suffers from "Little Man Syndrome" and Psychopathology!

I want MY Country Back! I am NOT adverse to sharing it with any race, creed or color. I AM adverse to MORE government sponsored terrorism in the form of an INVASION of illegal immigrants who march in the streets of OUR Country and demand that we bow in servitude to their tyranny!! That they be allowed to "take back" what was "theirs." I HATE, DESPISE AND DETEST WAR, BUT HEY! WARS WERE FOUGHT, AND YOU LOST!! Get over it.

Ms. Chavez, if you want to become an American, and help this floundering Country to get back on her feet and stand tall and proud again, then DO IT RIGHT! Come in here legally, obtain a green card, learn the friggin language, become a CITIZEN, and support the growth of this once great country and help her return to her greatness! The Country that sent aid to millions-billions-TRILLIONS of poor, broken people who suffered major disasters all over the world, yet under the "leadership" of the current Regime, wouldn't even step up and take care of it's OWN!!

We TRUE Americans are pissed! And it is not a good time to mess with us, as I do not doubt that, if things do not stop their current trend, you will be gunned down in the streets!! We are NOT afraid of you, and we WILL fight for OUR Country!! So, become one of us, who are fightng the best way we know how to take back our Country, or get the hell out. Period.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Sweet Liberty Website

This is a website where I have found tons of useful information regarding the Zionists/Illuminati and the New World Order.

It is not easy reading, as these issues are still not well known by the "average" American. Even though most feel, in the depths of their soul and spirit, that a great shift has occured in our country and around the World.
And it is EVIL.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I have received info that Portland, Oregon is going to be hit by a man made disaster that FEMA has already been alerted to and it is to hit Portland,Oregon in October of this year.

If you live in this area please be prepared and be ready for anything they can throw at us. "Confidence is high on this info." We are going to be hit with a horrible 9-11 "staged attack" an October surprise if you like. If you live in this area call your TV stations and demand they look into this. Our only protection is to bring this black op attack into the public eye so that we can stop it. If you have friends or family in Portland contact them and warn them. This is no joke this is a real alert.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006





Dear Editor:
So many letter writers have based their arguments on
how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan
for one, suggests we should tear down the
Statute of Liberty because the people now in
question aren't being treated the same as those
who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry.
Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today's American is not
willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer.
Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of
Europe to come to the United States, people had to
get off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and
be documented.
Some would even get down on their hands and knees
and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold
the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in
their new American households and some even changed
their names to blend in with their new home.
They had waved good bye to their birth place to give
their children a new life and did everything in their
power to help their children assimilate into one culture. Nothing was handed to them.
No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them.
All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity.
Most of their children came of age when World War II
broke out. My father fought along side men whose parents had come straight over from Germany, Italy,
France and Japan.
None of these 1st generation Americans ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from.
They were Americans fighting Hilter, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan. They were defending the United States of America as one people. When we liberated France,
no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or the German American or the Irish American.
The people of France saw only Americans. And we
carried one flag that represented one country.
Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country's flag and waving it to
represent who they were. It would have been a
disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so
much to be here. These immigrants truly knew
what it meant to be an American. They stirred
the melting pot into one red, white and blue bowl.

And here we are in 2006 with a new kind of immigrant
who wants the same rights and privileges Only they
want to achieve it by playing with a different set of
rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a
guarantee of being faithful to their mother country.
I'm sorry, that's not what being an American is all
I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island
in the early 1900s deserve better than that for all
the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future
generations to create a land that has become a beacon
for those legally searching for a better life.
I think they would be appalled that they are being used
as an example by those waving foreign country flags.
And for that suggestion about taking down the Statute of Liberty, it happens to mean a lot to the citizens who are voting on the immigration bill. I wouldn't start talking
about dismantling the United States just yet.
(signed)Rosemary LaBonte P.S.

Pass this on to everyone you know!
I hope this letter gets read by millions of people all across the nation! ~~ r.p.


At least 30 killed Monday as U.S. occupation continues: Two bombs blasted Baghdad's Talbiya district, a stronghold of Shi'ite militia fighters, killing 12 people and wounding 62, police said.

7 killed as gunmen ambush bus in Sunni neighborhood: The gunmen killed all six passengers, including a woman, and the driver before setting the bus on fire in the Amariyah neighborhood of western Baghdad, police Capt. Jamil Hussein said And on and on and on it goes...

And I continue to ask myself...WHY?


Sunday, July 09, 2006



Saturday, July 08, 2006



"The Greatest Source of Disease and Death in the World"

In the previous Digest, I gave information about where to find and purchase L-tryptophan. I gave info about a company called BIOS. I was swiftly flooded with emails questioning the quotes on the BIOS pages promoting B6 as a useful enzyme to allow L-tryptophan metabolism. I should have warned the readers that BIOS was source of L-tryptophan, but BIOS is NOT a source of information about L-tryptophan.

Just ignore anything you read on the BIOS pages, or any pages, about how L-tryptophan works and why you need B6. BIOS, just like all other food supplement sellers uses all the false information floating in cyberspace about how B6 “helps” with this and “helps” with that. I already explained what the legal meaning of the word “helps” means in drug advertising. Just ignore the BIOS promotional copy which is on their webpages. I have been reading and ignoring it for 16 years. Just go right to the ordering page and buy the L-tryptophan and bypass all the hyped-up advertising. Some other companies on their L-tryptophan page, actually also sell B6, along with generic Prozac and even Welbutrin for Winter Depression. Those companies have gotten it completely all wrong. Avoid those companies like the plague, they have no clue, and only want your money.

Which gets us to the point many people asked, which is why do I decry the USDA for having produced all the many false stories dangerously promoting Vitamin B6. Is the USDA a criminal organization which promotes food additives which kills and maims people? The answer is absolutely and provably, YES. And I do not make such a claim lightly and without complete scientific proof.

It started during my research experiments with L-tryptophan and B6 which began in 1987. In 1989 I began a year-long test of circadian rhythm shifting, in conjunction with a medical doctor who supplied the thyroid drug, Synthroid, which I used as a control chemical. In November of 1987 I had almost completed my year-long temperature charts, when I read a headline in my morning paper, “Amino Acid Supplement Is Recalled.” Even before reading the full text of the article, I knew almost immediately that the amino acid being recalled was L-tryptophan. It was the very same food-component chemical which I had been using in my experiments for several years. Instantly, I began a new research project to find out about what was behind the reason for the recall. What I quickly found was a series of bungling, ineptness and criminal activity in several of the US government health agencies. Yes, criminal activity.

In 1989, I used the Compuserve network as a research tool. This was before what we now call the Internet or the WWW. I had purchased the expensive Compuserve Executive News Service, which allowed for multiple keyword searches of the news wires. Today, this is easily done on Google and Yahoo, but was completely impossible in 1989 except on the Executive News Service. In 1989, I daily scanned the world's news wires for about 40 keywords. That list of words is carefully kept secret. If made public, it would tell the individuals and organization on the list that they are the targets of my investigation. Anybody who reads the BroJon Gazette front page, can probably tell who is being targeted, but I won't tell you the keywords I use to find those unique news stories which are not found elsewhere in the mainstream news media. Nor will I tell you where I do my searches. That would be putting my own “health” at undue risk.

In 1993 I began to publish my unique news findings in a monthly magazine called “Teddy Speaks” a monthly magazine of science. I published this magazine with my children as a family project. In 1995 I began a more in-depth news magazine called “Teddy Speaks Weekly Report” with hundreds of my uniquely found news stories each week In 1999, I began a daily newspaper which you know today as “The Brother Jonathan Gazette.” This web newspaper has run continuously for the last seven years. All these news research projects were produced using the same original and unique keyword search program and methods I began in 1989.

In the first week of the Centers for Disease Control's L-tryptophan recall report in November 1989, it was told to doctors that they needed to conduct a test for trichinosis to rule that out as a cause for the mysterious Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome. Just as mysteriously, the very next week, the CDC announcement of the recall simply dropped any mention of trichinosis. No explanation for the omission of the trichinosis test requirement was given by the CDC. What had just happened and WHY?

For that reason, the next day the word “trichinosis” was added to my news service keyword search. The result I quickly got back was astounding. I was flabbergasted. Somebody had purposefully infected about half of all Americans with the parasitic disease, trichinosis, and nobody was ever told about it. It was a government criminal act which was completely being covered up.

As part of my research I frequently scanned through MEDLINE and the CDC archives of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), and even university research papers. I still have a huge 3-ring binder of all those scans. Those were the days before big hard-drives, and burning your own CDs. My scans would have filled nearly a hundred floppy discs. So a print out to paper was my only feasible archive. This proved to be important, since later research shows that most of the text articles I printed were never transferred by the government into Internet web pages in “http format” or the articles were simply erased from the government archives. The government cover-up of the massive 1980's health disaster was complete.

To find out about the huge health disaster of the 1980's, we need to know some basic information. What is trichinosis? It is a very rare parasitic worm which mostly infects pigs and hogs. It has an odd reproductive cycle. The worms go from the pigs intestines into the blood stream and embed themselves in the pigs muscles. To protect themselves from the pigs immune system, the worms form a hard impenetrable shell or cyst around themselves. And then the worms become dormant. To repeat their reproductive cycle, the microscopic worms must be eaten by another pig. In the second pig's intestines, the strong stomach acid dissolves the hard shell-like cyst. This releases the dormant worms, which mate with other worms and millions of progeny worms then go from the pig's intestines and embed themselves in the muscles of pig number two. The process is then repeated by being eaten by a third pig, etc, etc.

Thus for the trichinosis worm to reproduce and spread, a pig needs to eat the infected muscles and tissues of another pig. Since most animals don't eat their own species, this type of reproductive cycle and parasitic disease is very rare. Most medical doctors hardly learn anything about trichinosis infections since they is so rare. To spread trichinosis, the animal needs to be an omnivore, meaning it eats meats and vegetables. Most animals are either carnivores or herbivores, so trichinosis doesn't easily spread in those groups. But, like pigs, humans are omnivores. When push come to shove, humans will eat just about anything from grubs and grass, to bugs, bark and beef. I once saw a guy eat a complete Chevy V-8 engine. Yeah, humans will eat just about anything. See any modern “reality program” on TV for more proof. Thus, humans can very easily get trichinosis from eating infected pork. And this has already happened to over half of all the American population.

Secondly, what you need to know is what are Eosinophils? As long as you have no idea what Eosinophils really are, you will never understand the L-tryptophan story and government cover-up. Eosinophils are part of your immune system. They are a certain type of white blood cell which attacks incoming invaders into your body.

When doctors try to diagnose an unknown disease, they ask the patient about their current complaints or symptoms and their past history. Then the doctor may order a blood panel or a blood titer. This may or many not be helpful, but sometimes the blood titer will pinpoint a certain disease. The blood sample is put through a centrifuge which separates the blood into red blood cells, white blood cells and the clear liquid blood serum. Most infections can be found by investigating the type and number of immune system white blood cells which your body produced to fight whatever strange invading infection you might have. The main difficulty is that under a microscope most white blood cells all look alike. They are just colorless or white blobs of cytoplasm, which don't wear name tags so you can't tell one white blood immune system cell from another. So doctors, being smart guys, figured out several ways to put name tags on some of those cells, so they could be more easily identified.

One method of putting a name tag on some of the white cells is to put red dye in the petri dish and notice that only some of the white cells absorb the red dye and others don't. The most common red dye for this purpose is called Eosin. This red dye is safely added to meat products like hot dogs to make them look more pink, meaty or fresh. Eosin is also used by dentists. If you rub your teeth with red Eosin dye, then the plaque around your teeth is turned red, while your teeth remain white. The plaque absorbs Eosin, but you teeth don't. Then simply brush and floss until all the red color disappears and you have safely and completely removed all the plaque.

Most of the time during a blood titer test, other chemicals are used to put name tags on other immune system white cells. Most of your white cells are simply gardeners who run around picking out daisy and dandelion weeds from your bloodstream's garden. These weeds are most commonly cold and flu viruses which simply don't belong there, and they are quickly eaten up by your immune system gardener cells. These white cells mostly show up when you get a cold, and then they disappear a week or so later. So simply counting the number of white cells will tell the doctor how strong and how many cold virus weeds you have. This is not really useful information since the white blood count doesn't really tell the doc if your invader weeds are geraniums or delphiniums, but it does tell the doctor when you have defeated the cold and flu infection because your white cell count is then reduced back to normal.

But what about those other immune system white cells called Eosinophils? Most doctors, were born speaking and writing Latin which is why they became doctors. Some Latin speaking doctors noticed that some white cells like to eat the Eosin red dye, and others don't like Eosin. In Latin, “liking Eosin” is called Eosinophila, and hating Eosin is called Eosinophobia. Since almost all white cells don't readily absorb the red Eosin dye, the name Eosinophobe is not really used since it merely means all those other white cells which don't become red colored. So doctors only use the term “Eosinophil” meaning just those rare immune system cells which absorb the red Eosin dye. The name doesn't really mean anything about what the Eosinophils do or how they are made, it simply means they turn red when dyed with Eosin.

And who are the Eosinophils? Unlike the common garden-variety white cells who weed your blood stream's garden, the Eosinophils are your Delta Force, who are trained in Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT team). This is your immune system weapon of last resort. These bad-boy thugs will kill just about anything in your body, when they are called upon to do so. They use flame throwers, hand grenades and chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction. To an Eosinophil, a trichinosis worm is a monster invader, a huge multi-celled animal. But an Eosinophil can and does kill trichinosis worms, as the worms escape through your intestines, and travel the blood stream to embed into your muscles. But some of the trichinella worms survive and begin to encase themselves in a thick and hard covering or cyst. Then the Eosinophils cannot break through the hard cyst casing. It's now too late. But your body keeps trying, and Eosinophils will keep trying to kill the trichinella worms for many years. This is shown to the doctor by the high Eosinophil count in your blood titer, which may remain high for decades.

The problem with having a high Eosinophil blood count is that having millions of those SWAT team bad-boys floating around in your blood stream is dangerous. Those Eosinophils use weapons of mass destruction. They will not only try to kill those trichinosis worms in your muscles, but they also, as a side-effect, will attack your skin, eyes, muscles and organs, and just about anything else they find. This is a weapon of last resort, and like the tactic of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), the defensive weapon may actually end up killing both sides in the engagement. This is by definition, an “auto-immune disease.” Your own immune system white cells seem to have turned on you, and are attacking you. It was in the 1980's that the explosion of auto-immune diseases arose. You are beginning to find out where all those cases of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue came from. The question is what triggered your killer Eosinophils to cause those auto-immune disorders? You are beginning to find out.

The strange story linking L-tryptophan to EMS actually began in the mid-1980's when an enterprising woman journalist in New Mexico was studying why so many women were getting these strange and painful auto-immune disorders such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lupus and a whole long list of similar but unknown-cause disorders. The woman journalist was not a doctor, and had no medical training. She probably learned her version of epidemiology by watching the movie “Andromeda Strain.” Simply interview the patients, collect all the factors such as diet, activity and personal history and then put all the factors into a computer and look for that one factor which is most common among all the patients. You have discovered a "link" between the most common "cause" and the "effect." What the journalist found was that most of the people in her investigative story were using L-tryptophan. Did that really have any meaning or was it simply a mistake? Michael Chrichton, who wrote the Andromeda Strain, was a medical student at the time. He theorised in a sci-fi novel about applying computers to medical diagnosis. I have stated for over 20 years, it was Chrichton who created the worst medical disaster of modern western medicine. The ideal of "linking" cause and effect by computer analysis is not proper a medical method.

And thus began in 1988, a non-medical link between L-tryptophan and the new and dangerous auto-immune disease later called EMS. It was a false link, but it was a link. Because of the explosion in auto-immune disorders in the 1980's, a common home-treatment was to use L-tryptophan to reset the circadian rhythm disorders such as menstrual problems and sleep/wake problems such as insomnia. Since the auto-immune disorders usually created a feeling of weakness and fatigue it was assumed by most people that it was some kind of circadian rhythm problem and so most sufferers began using L-tryptophan, if they didn't already use it. In the 1980's over 30 million Americans used L-tryptophan, that was almost 15 percent of the population. The question here is which came first, the chicken or the egg. Did EMS cause people to use L-tryptophan or did using L-tryptophan cause EMS. Based on the incorrect and amateurish New Mexico journalist's news story, based on “Andromeda Strain” methods, it was falsely assumed in 1989, that EMS was caused by using L-tryptophan. Actually, it was provably, the other way around.

But hold on there. How do actual and real medical doctors diagnose diseases? During the long years of medical school training doctors learn about diseases and the symptoms they cause. It would be nice if all the world's medical symptoms were put into a big computer list and then the computer spits out the cause or the name of the disease, if you enter in all the patient's symptoms. Actually in the last 10 years, such lists have been made and can be found on the Internet. But beware, there's great danger, most of the lists are wrong and thus are very dangerous, so don't use them. Those lists only exist to sell you prescription drugs and not to maintain your health. Proof: most doctors don't use them.

OK, so how do most doctors diagnose diseases? Well, they start with their medical school training in all known diseases, then learn all the symptoms of all the diseases. To diagnose a disease, in your mind, you work backwards from a list of symptoms to arrive at the original disease which creates those symptoms, as shown by the medical textbooks. But the textbooks list the data by the disease, and not by the symptoms. In residential training the head doctor will ask his medical students, “Patient presents with inflamed ear lobes and tickling sensations behind the kneecaps. Diagnosis?” The brightest of the med students will quickly snap his fingers and say, “Framblewitz Disease.” That student gets and A plus for the day. That student has quickly gone backwards through his textbook training and knows that Framblewitz is related to the sensation behind the knees, while Grousouki's Disorder is similar but only in the elbows. The student learned this under the category of inflamed ear lobe diseases. Many people can't work backwards or speak Latin. They don't become doctors.

Alright, so you are a trained medical doctor, and while at a friendly cocktail party, a tipsy lady asks you, “Doctor, I have a problem with painful muscles, I feel weak, I have trouble sleeping, and my blood tests show I have elevated Eosinophils, so what could be the problem?” If you were a well trained doctor, prior to 1989, you would snap your fingers and say, “Trichinosis. That's the usual cause of elevated Eosinophils. It's rare but it happens,” But after November 1989, a trained professional doctor will also ask, “Have you taken any L-tryptophan?” If you say “Yes” then the doctor snaps his fingers and says, “EMS.” How did the diagnosis suddenly get changed within a single week in late November 1989?

Clearly in November of 1989, somebody at the CDC was a trained medical doctor and was actually awake. When the first warning for EMS was issued in the MMWR it contained a listing of the symptoms and the reporting requirement that the attending physician should also report the results of a trichinosis test. In other words somebody at the CDC looked at the list of symptoms: painful muscles or myalgia and a high blood titer for Eosinophils, and he snapped his fingers and said, “trichinosis.” That made sense. But in the second week of the recall alert, all mention of trichinosis and the requirement for the test was dropped. Why? That made no sense. Was this some kind of cover-up or what? That was where my detailed research project took off and hit paydirt.

In the mid-1970's the wonderful computerized control systems of the NASA Space Age were beginning to be applied to Agriculture, especially the raising of farm animals. Huge computerized arrays of cages held individual chickens and pigs. The cages were in big arrays and stacked on rows upon rows to the ceiling. The cages automatically produced computer controlled feed for the animals, turned the lights on and off and controlled the temperature, and months later the cages with adult animals became conveyor belts which, within 30 seconds turned living animals into cut apart meat, neatly saran wrapped in Styrofoam trays ready for display at your local butcher counter. It was efficient, fast and cheap. Of course all of this new computerized food production was under the strict control and inspection of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). They are the ones who stamp the meat “USDA Inspected.” You are supposed to believe that because the stamp is there, that the meat is good quality and safe. Really?

This new agribusiness mostly worked properly and the food industry made a fortune using computerized agriculture. But there were some problems. To remove chicken feathers, Tyson Foods dipped the chickens in a vat of boiling water. If one of the birds was tainted with botulism or salmonella then all the other bird carcasses dipped in the same vat would also be tainted with the disease. This was known since the early 1970's. This did not change until the new USDA inspection requirements were changed in 1998. Besides just a visual inspection, the new 1998 requirements meant inspectors actually had to take biological samples and do tests for bacteria.

For over 20 years, under USDA jurisdiction, Americans ate Knowingly contaminated poultry. It was actually the agribusiness growers who used a barrage of lawsuits to prevent the USDA from requiring proper and expensive inspections and changing their production methods. But the USDA was not blameless. The millions of cases per year of eating contaminated chicken were then passed off as simple “stomach flu.” But there is no such thing as viral flu infection of the stomach or intestines. The strong hydrochloric acid in the stomach will dissolve all viruses entering the stomach. Instead, those were all cases of salmonella and botulism bacteria which can tolerate stomach acid. Those infections resulted in millions of serious cases, and sometimes deadly cases, of “food poisoning,” all thanks to the USDA, and groups like Tyson Foods and KFC. They all knew what was going on.

The computerized raising of hogs and pigs, is a story which has been completely covered-up and hidden from public view. And most people really don't want to know. Since the 1970's the USDA has researched the computerized agribusiness of raising pigs. Mechanically it worked about as well as the chicken and poultry business, but there was a problem. The problem was, what do you feed the pigs? In the poultry business, the food supply was dry bird seed, which computers could easily control and drop a specified amount of bird feed at a specified time each day. But pigs eat something which farmers call “slop.” It's mostly garbage and leftover food from the farmer's dinner table which is daily fed to his pigs in the farmyard. But in agribusiness, the computers don't like slop. It's gooey, and messy and it clogs up the computerized feed meters. Computers don't like slop.

The USDA had a problem in developing computerized hog farms. Most of the herds in computerized farms had big buildings full of pig herds of thousands. Where do you call to order up hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage “slop?” You can't and you don't. They don't make it. The Postal Service won't let you mail it, and the old ICC won't let you ship it by truck or rail. What if there was an accident? All that slop, could be hazardous to the environment. The USDA needed to develop some kind of synthetic slop, hopefully as some kind of dry powder, which the computers could easily drop into the pig's food trays with some added water.

The search was on for some kind of synthetic pig slop for the new USDA-approved computerized agribusiness. Some bright boy suggested, “why don't we take all the leftover bones and scraps from slaughter houses and grind it up into a powder and then feed that to the pigs?” This was a high-protein source of feed which was mostly discarded by slaughter houses, so in fact, it was almost as cheap as free. But the “offal” of slaughter house leftovers were still gooey and messy, and the computerized automatic feeders didn't like gooey messy stuff. Another bright boy suggested, “why don't we take the ground up slaughter house leftovers and freeze dry them, then they become a dry powder, just like freeze dried coffee?”

And “bing bing” this was the needed breakthrough idea which launched the massive computerized agri-farming of pigs in the 1970's. The price of pork bellies on the Chicago commodities board went through the roof. Computerized raising of pigs became a maxi-profit business. But they forgot to check one thing. Was the new freeze dried pig food powder contaminated with trichinosis worms? Nobody checked. If you boil the slop to over 200 degrees F then the worms are killed. Even cooking pork to 155 degrees will kill the worms. But it turns out, freeze drying had no effect on the trichinosis worms. They were already in suspended animation within their hard cysts. When the freeze dried powder was fed to the pigs, almost all the thousands of pigs in a whole farm herd suddenly developed trichinosis. But nobody noticed.

You can't tell by visual inspection which pig is sick with trichinosis. So nobody noticed. The symptoms of trichinosis are achy muscles and chronic fatigue. Most obese pigs are rather slow moving anyway, so which pigs have chronic fatigue and trichinosis? None of the pigs ever dance an Irish jig, or work out with Richard Simmons tapes, so who's to know which pigs have chronic fatigue? When those pigs were slaughtered, and their remains were rendered into more slop, the amount of trichinosis in the freeze dried powder feed continued to rise all during the late 1970's and mid-1980's. Soon, all agri-farmed pigs, and almost half of all Americans were sick with trichinosis. But who knew? The USDA knew about this, but did nothing. It would cost the farmers too much to recall decades worth of contaminated meat. This showed up during the 1980's as the explosion of seemingly strange auto-immune disorders with the concurrent elevated levels of Eosinophils in the blood. Any qualified doctor could notice myalgia and high Eosinophils and snap his fingers and say, “trichinosis.” So why didn't that happen in the 1980's?

The USDA is in the business of supporting and promoting the products of local farms and agencies around the country called granges. The USDA is not in the health business, and especially not your health. If a problem is found, the USDA merely inspects the problem and may take tainted meat off the production line. The USDA does not order recalls of decades worth of canned hams, restaurant ham roasts or prepared products such as sausage and Spam. That costly recall would have quickly put the farm business OUT of business. No, that's the job of other agencies like the FDA and the CDC. But nobody at the USDA told anybody else about the trichinosis problem, so no recall was ever done. You may ask, how do I know this? Where's the real proof?

The proof came from a little-known news story I received in 1989 from France. The keyword search was “trichinosis.” France just announced that it was banning all the importation from America of pork products. The French health inspectors had actually sampled the imported products from America and found that all pork products from America were contaminated with trichinosis. How come you never heard that story? How come it was not announced in the American press? How come the USDA never did an inspection for trichinosis the way the French did? It was completely covered-up. But how?

The USDA had used a unique and deceptive ploy, including other agencies such as the US State Department. The day after the French stopped the importation of American pork, the USDA announced it was banning the importation from France of canned horse meat. In France, horse meat was considered a gourmand's delicacy, but in America rarely, if ever, do Americans eat horses. That's like eating cats and dogs. In America, horses are pets, not food. The USDA quickly issued a notice to the public of the dual bans on importation. But the time order of the bans was deftly reversed. It appeared in the American press, that the USDA has banned the importation of French horse meat, and in tit-for-tat retaliation, the French had then banned the importation of American pork. So What? The public didn't want to know about banned horse meat, or banned ham. Who cares? No mention was made that the reason for the French ban was because ALL American pork was tainted with trichinosis. It was the diplomatic means of the State Department which kept that story out of the mainstream press. The story was just to "delicate" to publish, so it was kept out of the daily news and you never heard about it.

The only source for the true story of the food bans was the small article in the French paper LeMonde. No Americans every learned about the real reason for the French ban on American pork. I, too, would have never learned about it either, but my worldwide news scanner does cover the foreign press. It was obvious from this story that the USDA had long known about the trichinosis problem and was in the business of quickly countering and covering-up any evidence from the foreign press. Most government agencies work with the speed of an a glacial iceberg. For the USDA to have made a response to the French ban on American pork, within less than 24 hours, meant that the USDA response was “pre-planned.” You take it from there, what “pre-planned” responses from the USDA means.

In late November 1989 , was the first warning about EMS and the CDC requirement about testing for trichinosis, and then the very next week was the same announcement but without any mention of any trichinosis testing. This seems to be mysterious and inexplicable. Unless you assume, somebody knew that if doctors were told by the CDC to start doing massive trichinosis testing of Americans, the USDA problem would be completely exposed. This was like the French doing trichinosis testing on American hams, but instead it was actual trichinosis testing of Americans who ate American hams. It's clear that the French result and the doctors test of Americans would have the same result. Nearly 100% contamination. So somebody, quietly advised the CDC to completely drop the trichinosis testing and then only ask if the patient had taken L-tryptophan and then blame the disease on tryptophan and call it EMS. But still you want more proof that this is exactly and actually what happened.

In the late 1980's a medical doctor had long suspected that trichinosis was suddenly becoming a serious problem. But it was such a rare disease, so where was it coming from, and why? The doctor was a professional medical examiner and epidemiologist. He was the coroner for a large county. His name and his county shall remain unlisted. I found his documented results on the old Compuserve Network. I am sure you will never find it on the Internet. What he did was clearly in violation of the federal laws at the time, but he just had to find out what was happening. For a whole year, Dr. X, secretly took biopsy samples from all the several hundred cadavers which went through his county morgue. There were actually a number of federal advisories for several years which forbade the taking of trichinosis biopsy samples without federal approval. That was among the several very strange things which made Dr. X suspicious. His method of taking a sample from all the cadavers for a whole year was actually a random sample of Americans. It included all races, sexes and ages. The causes of death ranged from old age, accidents and various diseases. All cadavers for whatever reason were included. And what were Dr. X's findings? He found in 1988, 50% or half of all Americans were sick with trichinosis, and none of them ever knew it. That's right, half of all Americans had trichinosis. In the 1960's the incidence of trichinosis was about one in ten million. But by the late 1980's the trichinosis incidence had risen to one in two. You have a 50-50 chance of being sick with a parasitic worm called trichinella. What had happened? Where did the massive, quickly spreading disease come from? That's simple, go ask the USDA. They know.

When I started explaining to you about “The B6 Bomber,” circadian rhythms, B6, and tryptophan, I had hoped I would not need to also tell you about my research into EMS and trichinosis. It was difficult and complicated to explain. I would need to tell you about the decades-long bumbling, bureaucracy, bribery, profiteering for clients and outright lying and corruption at the USDA, FDA, CDC and even WHO. I have already had decades of run-ins with government agencies like NASA, FCC, NOAA and the USGS, including the Secret Service and the CIA, all based on my published research. I don't need any more hassles. But too many recent Digest readers were asking me why I disagreed with the USDA about calling B6 a vitamin. The readers thought the USDA called B6 a vitamin so it must be useful. Why would the USDA lie to the public? Why would the USDA lie about B6 and its detrimental health effects? Why would the USDA and the CDC lie about Eosinophilia Myagia Syndrome and then blame the problem on you for using L-tryptophan?

The only way to prove my point was to tell the complete story and provide the evidence of the L-tryptophan/trichinosis cover-up. I have had it up to here with lying government health agencies who blame you for your illnesses, which they themselves caused. I am so fed up to here, I am ready to throw down. Any competent doctor with a real MD after his name, when told about a disorder with Eosinophils and Myagia, will quickly snap his fingers and say, “trichinosis.” Any government doctor who wants to stand up and admit their guilt for having infected half the American public with trichinosis, then let them do so. Some government quack may think he can fool the public by saying it wasn't their fault, that EMS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lupus and the whole long list of similar auto-immune disorders, are simply imaginary and in the minds of the sufferers, and that Mr. Smith doesn't know what he is talking about. I will quickly expose those government quacks as liars simply by asking, “How then do you explain that all those people also have elevated levels of Eosinophils in their blood? Did all those people also just make that up in their heads? The proof of your government guilt is absolute. So Mr. Government Medical Quack, don't try to defend yourself – don't even start with me....

Marshall Smith Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette

A very long article, I know, but I HAVE FIBROMYALGIA ET AL...this information makes me either want to cry...or kill!!! Fibromyalgia and other immune disorders are destroying my life! Sjogrens; Chronic Fatigue; Chronic Myofascial Pain...I could go on and on. Severe Asthma and allergies, that have slowly (or quickly) developed over the last 20 years of my life. I was diagnosed with Trich in 87-88. I was NOT sexually active, and there was no known reason why I developed this, and two subsequent severe Pelvic Infections-one which left me sterile, as it scarred my uterus from a severe ulcer that formed. I damn near DIED!! Ohhhh, I am so angry!!! I hate this Government. So, assholes, does this make ME a terrorist? Hell, I wouldn't have the ENERGY to be a terrorist!! Idiots...
And let me now add Multiple Sclerosis to the list of my diagnoses' Sigh...I have lesions in my brain.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Another article which expresses my feelings about the Fourth of July so succinctly. I could think of not one good reason to celebrate this year. It gets worse every year...I am so ashamed...



Enron Founder Ken Lay Dead...Hhhmmmmm.

How Very Interesting. And convenient.

Most are unaware of the capabilities of EMP waves being able to produce a Myocardial Infarction in a human being. Sounds like a plausible explanation to ME! Paranoid person that I have become. (I know too much.)


Sunday, July 02, 2006


Government Authorized Ways To Celebrate Your Freedoms This 4th of July

As we go out to celebrate our freedom this 4th of July, let's go over a few things to make your celebration a success.

1.Do not claim that freedom of speech gives you the right to wear a Tee-shirt that the government doesn't like. They can put you in jail.

2.Tidy up your house before you leave in case it is searched while you are out. You used to have the right to freedom from search unless a search warrant is issued. Now the police can come into your home, and take whatever they want, and not tell you until 2 weeks later, if they tell you at all. They don't even have to knock on the door before they barge in.

3.Before leaving home, make sure you check the color coded Homeland Security alert status. Be especially careful if it is orange or red. Don't worry about yellow. It's always yellow.

4.Don't use any illegal fireworks in your 4th Celebration. It is for your own safety. And the founding father's implemented a government to protect you from yourselves. Didn't they? Besides, fireworks are explosive devices and you might be considered a terrorist with weapons of mass destruction. And although the government can't find any in Iraq, you can rest assured they will find them in your car trunk. But don't worry, getting arrested, imprisoned indefinitely without formal charges, and a 5 year wait before the secret tribunal trial per the Patriot Act is a breeze. It's that secret summary execution that should make you nervous.

5.Make sure you are buckled up in your seat belts; there will be roadblocks and checkpoints to make sure you comply. It is for the children. Have your papers ready as you approach the holiday police checkpoints.
If you are an airline employee, lighten up for the holiday; you can always look for a job tomorrow. Maybe you could transfer over to a Federal Airport Security Screener job. Big demand for those jobs, the pay's not bad - and you don't have to be smart.
If you are a Haliburton employee, then celebrate: You probably have a raise coming from the Iraqi contract windfall.

6.If celebrating on any public property, make no mention of religious ideals. Government is god there. You will be apprehended.

7.Don't criticize the President, or other government officials; you might be in violation of the Patriot Act and considered a possible terrorist.

8.Don't mention the Constitution in any district court, or you could be held in contempt.

9.If your children get out of line this holiday, do not discipline them, or they may be kidnapped by the Dept. of Social Services and held hostage until you sign a confession, receive approved psychological therapy, and are deemed acceptable.

10.Show compassion this Independence Day by bringing an illegal immigrant to your celebration, or by hugging a tree.

11.If an election is occurring in your locality within the next 90 days, do not talk about or publicly support any candidate, as that is no longer lawful. Keep your mouth shut.

12.If an officer asks to search your vehicle at the "seat belt" checks, do not be belligerent and demand a search warrant.

13.Standing up for your fourth amendment rights is anti-social and not in tune with the new American way. Are you with Al Qaeda or something?

14.Do not get upset when the searching officer will not help you pick up your belongings he has strewn all over the highway as he searched your vehicle. It is not in his job description and complaining will get you charged with obstructing justice.

15.a)Keep your guns at home. You are not going hunting and besides, what on earth do guns have to do with American Independence?
b)Better yet, turn your guns over to the authorities to let them know that you are a true patriotic American. You still have the right to carry a gun if you have a license, but that will soon be gone if the United Nations passes their measure making carrying a gun illegal.
c)Better yet, just STAY at home. BUT do not assume that you are safe, because you are at home.

16.If a government bureaucrat shows up at your home, he will probably be flashing a badge at you. This makes him look like a constitutional law enforcement officer.
He may even be armed. Do not ask to see a warrant, and then tell him to leave if he does not have one. They will put a siege around your house. If you do not come out soon enough, they may invade, with guns drawn, or even set your house on fire.For more information, do a Google search using keywords like "Symbionese Liberation Army", "Philadelphia MOVE group", "Gordon Kahl", "The Order", "Robert Matthews", "Covenant of the Sword and Arm of the Lord", "Randy Weaver" , "Branch Davidian", or "Elian Gonzalez".

17.If you are counting on you congressman to protect you, understand that the average congressman is ALSO afraid to resist. For more information, do a Google search using keywords like "George Hanson" , "James Trafficant" or "Larry McDonald".

18.You used to have the right to privacy. Now they have cameras everywhere watching you. If celebrating at the mall you are probably safe as the mall is now monitored by hundreds of surveillance cameras, watched by federal security forces. Don't do anything that you wouldn't want them to see.

19.Bring lots of cash with you, there will be many taxes, fines, and fees to pay as you celebrate your freedoms this day.

20.Do not leave home without your driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, welfare card, Medicare card, medical records, W-2 Form, and two others forms of ID. You may be asked for them at the police checkpoints. Better yet, get micro- chipped, and avoid the hassle of carrying around your papers. Bring your library card, the FBI may ask you for it.

21.a)Do not put any "anti-government" bumper stickers on your car. Especially not anything about the right to keep and bear arms. Police have been trained by the FBI in "bumper sticker profiling". This attracts their attention at the check points, and makes you look like a terrorist.
b)With regard to "bumper sticker profiling" you should be especially aware of the fact that "They will get my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead fingers" is no longer mere semantics. At WACO, and at RUBY RIDGE, we learned that they WILL kill you to take your guns.
c)ALSO, be careful not to have any unauthorized THOUGHTS. There are now serious penalties for "thought crime".

22.Be aware that "civil forfeiture" laws make it possible to take anything that you own, by alleging that it was "intended" to be used for the commission of a crime. This could include transporting, or storing, a gun. If "civil forfeiture" proceedings are initiated against you, then you will have the burden of proof, to show that your thoughts were in compliance with government standards.
Get to know some politicians, and bureaucrats, so that you might be able to head off the taking of your private property to be given to private developers for the "public good".

23.If traveling by air, this Independence Day, do not give the airport screeners a hard time. They are feeling you up, and molesting your daughter, and wife, for the security of America. If you complain you could be arrested. You don't support Bin Laden do you?

24.Keep an eye on your fellow Americans as you celebrate this 4th of July. If you see anything suspicious, take notes so that when you get home you can call and report them to the Homeland Security Office. And remember you are not a nosey snitch, you are a great American Patriot.

25.Do not mention the signers of the Declaration of Independence this 4th of July. Mentioning these white subversive terrorists is not popular and could get you in big trouble. Besides what do these guys have to do with the 4th of July anyway?

26.Do not leave home without one or more little plastic American flags made by political slaves in Communist China. Make sure you have one flying from the antennae of your vehicle. You don't want to seem un-American do you?

27.Do not take a copy of the Declaration of Independence with you as it advocates the overthrow of tyrannical government. It is a terrorist document and will be confiscated at the holiday police checkpoints. Same advice for the Constitution.

28.And remember, as you leave home for your 4th of July outing, the second you stepped out of your door that you probably broke hundreds of federal, state, and local laws that you are probably unaware of. However, if you tow the line, you will not be charged.
If arrested, you used to have the right to a jury trial, and to be told what you have done wrong, and appointed council. Now you can be labeled an "enemy combatant" or terrorist, and be placed in jail with no trial, no lawyer, nothing for as long as they want. For more information, do a Google search on "Jose Padilla".

29.Don't even think about taxes on this great day. The 50 per cent government confiscation of your income at the threat of imprisonment or at the point of a gun should not even cross your mind as you revel in your freedom. After all, April 15th is a long way off.
(note: BOWERS v. KERBAUGH-EMPIRE CO., 271 U.S. 170, 174 (1926): It was not the purpose or effect of that amendment (16th)to bring any new subject within the taxing power.”)

30.a)And whatever you do, do not let on that you really know that true freedom died a long time ago in America, just have fun for the day and then go home and stick your head back in the sand and pretend America is not becoming a fascist police state.
If you have a few decades with nothing better to do, study up on "administrative law". Laws are now made by the unelected bureaucrats, in hundreds of "administrative agencies".
b)If you are charged with violating one of these "laws" you will not get a trial by a jury of your peers. You will be tried by the agency that made the "law" and made the charge against you. If you appeal this "conviction," your appeal will also be heard by the administrative agency that "convicted" you. Their ruling will probably be that they were right.

I hope this message gets past the Department of Home land Insecurity approved internet filter. How else can they protect us from unauthorized thought?

Now go out and celebrate your freedom, and have a great Independence Day!

This transmission screened prior to receipt by addressee pursuant to applicable sections of the USA PATRIOT Act.
The Patriot Act is constitutionally illegal, but was signed into law. It takes away your rights and turns them into privileges which the government can grant or take away at will. If you remember, we were told that this would just be temporary. Now it has been made permanent. But no one protested did they?
You used to have the rights to not be spied on by anyone while on the phone or the internet.
You also used to have the rights to your bank records being held private. Now the government can just go through your bank record data and monitor your financial transactions without question and without even telling you.

Now go out there and celebrate your freedom, and liberty, and have a great sanitized, politically correct, and government approved and authorized Independence Day!

None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Our forefathers are crying. Our forefathers are angry. Our forefathers are loading their muskets and heading for The Green.
America........Wake the hell up.

There will be many people coming out to celebrate this July 4th when they should be out protesting the rights they have lost. We need to get those rights back. And for those of you who say "Why should I care I have done nothing wrong." This just shows how much you value your rights!
The government loves people like you. They can take away even more of your rights and you will just go along with them without speaking out. You deserve to lose your rights because you didn't appreciate them when you did have them.

If any of the above concerns you visit:




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