My Thoughts: February 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This guy, please do not be taken in by him...

Important information please pass to your concerned friends.

Don't let them be taken advantage of . This man has been spotted in Wal-Mart parking lots in many areas.


So now you know!!


The Thought Police

I don't know why I bother.

I was on the AOL message boards this morning trying to educate the sheep as to just why Richard Cheney is such a despicable 'human being' and why it should not be a crime to wish him dead. (In reference to the fact that he "escaped" the embassy bombing recently.)

No one was advocating personally going out and murdering the VP, they just wanted to see him go! In whatever fashion! Once upon a time, that would have been considered Free Speech. Not anymore.

The Forefathers told us to question our government. And to OVERTHROW any government that is not for WE, THE PEOPLE!
They also placed a clause in the Constitution for us to defend against ALL enemies-both foreign and domestic!

They are not gods. They are men, who have chosen to betray our Country and sell it to the highest bidder-in this case, Halliburton, KBR. They have sold their souls-and our lives-for Oil. Blood for Oil. And the sheep bleat on...

Yes, it makes me sad to admit, some morons came on the board threatening to have all of us dissenters accosted by the Secret Service, the FBI, hell, prolly by Dumbya himself! (In their dreams. He is a C-O-W-A-R-D! And a puppet.)

My posts were repeatedly removed. NOT due to vulgar language (I rarely use it on the boards) not due to harassing any poster, but due to speaking the TRUTH! As usual.
The boards are supposed to be a public forum. A place for our THOUGHTS and opinions. I mean, hell, they tell us to "post thoughts" on every story they print! As long as those thoughts line up with the new Gestapo.

If I ever needed any real proof that our freedoms are a moot point-are essentially null and void-the AOL message boards consistently remind me. Without fail. We are just not given a voice, even if they don't actually come and rendition us!

And still the fools believe.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This is Hearbreaking!

Hello My Love,

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and with its impending arrival I am filled with mixed emotions. We have discussed how like Christmas, New Years, and our birthdays, Valentine's Day is yet another holiday we will not celebrate. Yet another holiday we will pretend isn't happening, promising one another we will make up for it next year when you will hopefully be home.

Walking through the grocery store, I see the stacks of chocolates and people waiting in the checkout lines, arms full with red rose bouquets to be given to loved ones. I am instantly filled with sadness, not for a lack of chocolates and roses, yet rather the lack of your presence. It has been eight months since I last saw your beautiful smile and kissed you goodbye. A day that is meant to celebrate people's love and companionship is for me a day of intense loneliness. The only highlight will be crossing it off my calendar just before bed. How many more months to go?

I wish people could understand what I am going through. At times, I am filled with intense anger at the realization that so many people really don't get it. "Didn't you know what you were getting yourself into when you married a soldier?" they ask me. "No, I really didn't," is all I can say in response. I took no class on sleepless nights, nightmares, and anxiety attacks. No one explained to me the incredibly debilitating fear I would experience with the knowledge that my dearest love is in harm's way and no one sat me down to explain how intensely my heart would break at the mere thought of another Valentine's Day alone.
In addition to my sadness and anger, I find myself incredibly frustrated and perplexed as I ask myself for what is all this suffering? The Iraqis are worse off every day, and we are less safe here at home. America's global reputation and credibility lay in ruin, while countless Iraqis and Americans are dead.

The fact that with the arrival and passing of Valentine's Day I am brought that much closer to the time at which we will be reunited is what gets me through. Though the day remains uncertain, I eagerly look forward to the time at which I will once again be in your arms planting soft kisses all over your face. How badly I want you home now. How desperately I want this nightmare to be over. Stay safe, my love.

With all my heart,

Oriana Futrell

Friday, February 02, 2007

Molly Ivins~~In Memory Of.

It appears to be true: that only the good die young.
She was only 63.

ItMolly Ivins was a firebrand!
She was radical, opinionated and brilliant!
And hilariously funny!!

Yet, I think of an evil 'man" such as Richard Cheney-who had his first heart attack at age 37, and has had 4 subsequent heart attacks, since. He had a device planted outside of his heart that is keeping this version of the Frankenstein Monster alive!
Either that, or he is a cyborg. An android. He certainly is not human.

And yet, he lives on, doing more damage to this Country and to the World than any one man ever has! The shrub-Molly's moniker for bush-is only a sock puppet. Or a marionette, which suits him even better-as he dances when Cheney et. al, pull the strings!

It is a tragedy that someone as honest and forthright and intelligent as Molly had to pass so young. She did much good in her life. While so many, who live on, do so much bad.

I don't quite understand it; but there it is


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